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La Familia Sana is growing roots

Slowly but surely, La Familia Sana, a nonprofit organization in Cloverdale, is working on being known in the community. By focusing on outreach, La Familia Sana, which started in 2019, hopes all of the Cloverdale community will eventually know they can go to them for help.

So far, several families have become clients of La Familia Sana. So far, the organization has provided some of its clients with rental assistance, free mental health counseling, presents for children for this Christmas season as well as assistance with vaccination. However, La Familia Sana wants to reach as many people as possible with the help of future partnerships and collaborations.

During the Kincade Fire, Neidi Calvillo, now one of La Familia Sana's outreach advocates, volunteered at a local evacuation center, taking food to different elderly apartment complexes, tried to get the word out and helped provide electricity when power was out.

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