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Farmworker Spotlight: Adan Meza

Los Cien: Farmworker Spotlight

We are so proud of don Adan Meza. Don Meza, spoke about the unacceptable housing and health conditions farmworkers face throughout our County at the Los Cien: Farmworker Spotlight event. Thank you Los Cien for including La Familia Sana on the panel and as part of the steering committee. Continue reading to learn more about don Meza.

Jose Adan Meza, a resilient and hardworking individual, hails from the picturesque San Patricio Jalisco, Mexico. Raised in a humble peasant family, he was no stranger to labor from a young age. He worked diligently in the bountiful fields that supplied produce, including corn, squash, mangoes, and bananas. An unwavering belief in the value of toil and dedication imbued him with the joy of savoring the fruits of his labor, as every harvest was a testament to his efforts.

Fond memories of his mother expertly crafting tortillas from freshly prepared nixtamal serve as a constant reminder of the simple yet extraordinary pleasures found in life's necessities. His family's contribution to Guadalajara's local market brought sustenance and a sense of fulfillment, as they were self-sufficient and content, thanks to their thriving businesses and unwavering work ethic.

However, life's course took an unexpected turn when his son faced the challenge of special needs, specifically severe seizures that required expensive medical attention. Struggling to cover the mounting costs, Jose Adan sought a better life for his family in the United States, where his son could receive the care and support needed to thrive. With a heavy heart, he bid farewell to his established position as a respected boss and employer of a close-knit team, who were more like friends than employees.

Upon arriving in the United States, the roles reversed, and Jose Adan found himself amidst unfamiliar circumstances, now an employee facing mistreatment and humiliation from those he worked for. Despite the hardships, he remained steadfast in his commitment to providing his son and family a better future. His contrasting experiences in working with different ranchers highlighted the importance of small, harmonious teams and direct interactions, where genuine connections and mutual respect flourished.

As an immigrant in a foreign land, he faced numerous challenges, including the struggle with transportation and finding compassionate individuals willing to offer support. Yet, amidst the adversities, Jose Adan cherished the moments of camaraderie with fellow field workers, relishing shared lunches and the genuine generosity that emanated from their hearts.

Despite the trials and tribulations of his journey, Jose Adan remains resolute in his decision to immigrate to the United States, understanding the harsh realities of the violence plaguing his beloved homeland, Mexico. His enduring spirit, dedication to family, and an unwavering pursuit of a better life inspire others, proving that courage and determination can overcome the most formidable obstacles life throws our way.

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